The 2000C player piano system is the perfect solution for customers that want a basic player piano system that is completely 'invisible'. This player piano controller enables you to wirelessly drive your acoustic piano from your existing CD player and to play the accompanying audio through your existing sound system. A wireless transmitter sends the piano data to the wireless receiver on your piano – there are no wires, cables or other visible hardware to detract from your acoustic piano's aesthetics. The 2000C player piano system is available through authorized Story & Clark and Pianomation dealers and can be installed on pianos other than Story & Clark.

Player Piano Control Unit
• IR remote control of piano volume, audio volume and master volume.
• Plays from any standard MIDI signal or QRS signal from your stereo source.
• External IR sensor port for mounting out-of-sight.
• Pianomation player piano system's exclusive modular design provides the
option of easy and affordable component upgrades. [Q]

Standard Equipment:
New owner's pack includes: 2000C player piano control unit, wireless remote control, 2000C Pianomation player piano user's manual, three CDs with 58 selections.

[Q] indicates QRS exclusive or exclusive among comparably priced competitive player piano products.