Studio Nickelodeon CATALOG #18050

Model: 140
Series: Gameroom

This recreation of a turn-of the-century nickelodeon brings us back to the spirit of the past. It not only plays the piano, but also plays twelve real percussion instruments with expression. Pianomation orchestration behind lighted, beveled stained glass provides incredible audio accompaniment. It is simply a joy to hear and watch. Even the sustain pedal dances up and down with the music! Control panels and CD player are hidden, yet instantly accessible. Orchestration is provided by a powerful 70 watt AR speaker which is discreetly placed under the keyboard. It is mounted in such a way as to provide relatively easy access to the treble, bass and volume controls. These controls allow the owner to limit the maximum volume of the nickelodeon. Once set to your liking, they are not readily tampered with by casual listeners. Overall volume control can be adjusted up to this set limit by readily accessible controls on the front of the piano. Speaker features include two drivers - polypropylene woofer and liquid cooled tweeter. Finish: Light Oak

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