Commercial Nickelodeon CATALOG #19058

Model: 142
Series: Gameroom

In the 1920's the crown princes of Europe (and other high-powered types) would spend their leisure hours listening to marvelous mechanical orchestras. Each consisted of an automatic piano with bell, drums, cymbals, etc. Today, the same musical extravaganzas can be enjoyed without being a European crown prince. Just listen to the QRS Nickelodeon, and you'll hear a 22-note Xylophone, real bass drum, snare drum, cymbal, castanets and, of course all the fabulous QRS, toe-tapping songs you could ever want! Its tall cabinet, CD player and dollar bill acceptor make it irresistible for any restaurant, hotel lobby, or amusement palace! Your customers and guests will love watching the band instruments play, and you'll enjoy watching your nickelodeon generate income. Finish: Cherry

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