The Legend Of 1900
QRS Cat #962005
My Secret
Belly Of The Virginian
The Accident
Mysterious Record
A Cure For Your Misery
1900 Regales
The Voice Of The Sea
Where Does The Music Come From?
The Fish With The 20-Dollar Name
The Duel
Recorded With Love
I'm Getting Off
Starting Over
Goodbye, 1900!

What You Receive: The original DVD plus a file for this DVD which is inserted into the Qsync box via a flash card. The Qsync will synchronize the corresponding SyncAlong piano files for this DVD, which are contained on the CompactFlash card shipped FREE with the purchase of a Qsync Box.
Piano part transcribed by Michael T. Jones
The Legend Of 1900
The Legend Of 1900
QRS Cat #962005

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