Glamorous Night
QRS Cat #801230D
Burton Lane Medley
Put Your Head On My Sholder(pt of Burton Lane Medl
What Did Romeo Say To Juliet(pt of Burton Lane Med
Look Who's Here(pt of Burton Lane Medley)
Hear What My Heart Is Saying(pt of Burton Lane Med
Swing High, Swing Low(pt of Burton Lane Medley)
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever(pt of Burton La
Goin To Town(pt of Burton Lane Medley)
To Beat the Band (Irving Berlin)
Eeny Meeny Miney Mo
Santa Claus Came in the Springtime
If You Were Mine
I Saw Her at 8 O'clock
Meet Miss America
Warner Brothers Cartoon Medley
I haven't Got A Hat(pt of Warner Bros Medley)
Merrily We Roll Along(pt of Warner Bros Medley)
Streamlined Greta Green(pt of Warner Bros Medley)
I'm Wearing My Green Fedora(pt of Warner Bros Medl
I Saw A Robin(pt of Warner Bros Medley)
It's Easy Like Rolling Off A Log(pt of Warner Bros
The Merry Go Round Broke Down(pt of Warner Bros Me
Let's Rub Noses Like The Eskimoses(pt of Warner Br
Someone's Rockin My Dreamboat(pt of Warner Bros Me
Shake Your Powder Puffs (pt of Warner Bros Medley)
Ivor Novello Medley
Fold Your Wings(pt of Ivor Novello Medley)
Keep The Homefires Burning(pt of Ivor Novello Medl
Waltz Of My Heart(pt of Ivor Novello Medley)
Easy To live With(pt of Ivor Novello Medley)
Someday My Heart Will Awake(pt of Ivor Novello Med
Dark Music(pt of Ivor Novello Medley)
The Thought Never Entered My Head(pt of Ivor Novel
Glamourous Night(pt of Ivor Novello Medley)
The Girl I Knew(pt of Ivor Novello Medley)
Well Gather Lilacs (pt of Ivor Novello Medley)
Why Isn't It You(pt of Ivor Novello Medley)
Palmy Days; (1931)
Yes Yes(My Baby Said "Yes Yes")
Bend Down Sister
Theres Nothing Too Good For My Baby
The Wizzard of Oz Medley
Over The Rainbow(pt of Wizard of OZ Medley)
It Really Was no Miracle(pt of Wizard of OZ Medley
Lullaby League & Lollipop Guild(pt of Wizard of OZ
Ding Dong The Witch is Dead(pt of Wizard of OZ Med
We're off To See The Wizard(pt of Wizard of OZ Med
If I Only had A Brain(pt of Wizard of OZ Medley)
The Merry Old Land Of OZ(pt of Wizard of OZ Medley
Over The Rainbow (reprise)(pt of Wizard of OZ Medl
Little Rascals Medley
Little Dancing Girl(pt of Little Rascals Medly)
Good Old Days(Theme)(pt of Little Rascals Medly)
Look At Him Now(pt of Little Rascals Medly)
The Moon And You(pt of Little Rascals Medly)

Played by: Alex Hassan

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Glamorous Night
Glamorous Night

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