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Current QRS Specials

Fall Music Special

CD's While They Last

The only thing falling this fall are the prices of our QRS CD's

  • Buy 2 CD's get 25% off
  • Buy 3 CD's get 35% off
  • Buy 4 CD's get 45% off
  • Buy 5 or more CD's get 55% off

Note: Although the current sale ends Midnight EST November 15th 2017, CD format may no longer be available once sold out.

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Don't lose your CD investment with this Special Upgrade Offer and go from a Legacy Pianomation CD system to a PNOmation3

Our specials make it a great time to transform your legacy Pianomation player piano to be compatible with the latest PNOmation user technology without trading in the whole piano or system. Upgrade to PNOmation3 and we’ll replace the old CD box and CD library with our modern technology and digital version of your music – improving both the aesthetics, use and your enjoyment!

Replacement parts for legacy controllers from CD2000 to Petine are scarce hence our ability to repair or refurbish is limited.  With that in mind we would like to offer for a limited time only, on top of the above offer, an upgrade to PNOmation 3, trade in your existing controller and receive 10 CDs of your choice unlocked on your new system.  More music, easier to play.

  • Hardware replacement/update
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to all web enabled devices
  • Easily create playlists, no more messing with CDs or Floppies
  • Integrate with 3rd party hardware and software
  • Better sounds, better performance, quieter playback, more control
  • Bluetooth MIDI and Audio
  • WiFi Direct and WiFi Client
  • Extended warranty
  • Transfer of your music CD Library
  • Complimentary Music Library
  • Use with wearables
  • Interface with Amazon Echo and Reverb
  • Free year of Pianomarvel lessons
  • Video Performances

  • Some New releases since July 2018

      Sync-Along Hits Of Marvin Gaye r1 (PNO3 Only)
      Sync-Along Hits Of Ed Sheeran r1 (PNO3 Only)
      A Tribute to Thelonius Monk: Solo Monk
      Sync-Along Hits of 2017 (PNO3 Only)
      Styles Part 1 - History and Styles of Piano Music
      Styles Part 2 - History and Styles of Piano Music
      The Greatest Showman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (PNO3 Only)
      Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording (PNO3 Only)
      The Greatest Showman (PNO3 Only)
      Sounds Like George
      Welte Remastered
      13 additional Solo CDs